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Terms and Conditions

At CommonBazaar, we’re always committed to delivering the most amazing experiences to our ever growing community of buyers and sellers. In turn we request and expect users to abide by these terms and conditions of use. By choosing to use CommonBazaar on any platform (desktop/mobile/tablet/etc.), users agree to abiding by these terms and conditions.

Using CommonBazaar

We strive to ensure that only the most relevant and meaningful listings make it to your website. However, by using CommonBazaar, you agree and understand upon your responsibility to exercise due diligence, common sense, and general we safety etiquette while engaging with any listings, and the people posting them. CommonBazaar does not assume any liability for the products and services listed for sale and purchase on the website. Users also agree to post content under appropriate categories, and get in touch with customer support in case of any confusions, queries.

Selling on CommonBazaar

By using CommonBazaar, you agree that your listing:

  • Shall not misrepresent the goods and services to be sold.
  • Shall not advertise illegal, counterfeit, stolen goods.
  • Shall not advertise sale of objects not directly under your ownership or possession.
  • Shall not contain obscene, pornographic, or objectionable content as defined in Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986.
  • Shall not pertain to services/goods barred by any of the relevant acts in the Indian Penal Code.


Buying on CommonBazaar

By using CommonBazaar, buyers agree that they will:

  • Conduct due diligence into the products/services they’re interested in purchasing.
  • Not engage with any inadvertent listings that fail to comply with the guidelines defined in the ‘selling’ section above.
  • Maintain confidentiality of their contact information until they’re reasonably convinced of the need to share with the potential seller.
  • Purchase goods with the intention of selling them on a website that’s a direct or indirect competitor of CommonBazaar.


Who can use CommonBazaar?

The following guidelines define as to who can use the website (all must be complied with):

  • Citizen of India.
  • Above 18 years of age.
  • Able to enter into a legally binding agreement/contract.
  • Not barred from sale/purchase activity by any court in India.


Prevention of Abuse of CommonBazaar

Users agree to intimate CommonBazaar team (via any of our customer support channels) of any potentially illegal or unscrupulous listings you encounter. Also, CommonBazaar holds the right to terminate any use ID if it deems that the same is non-compliant with the terms and spirit described in this document.

Payment Agreement and Refunds

The use of this website relies on an existing framework of membership policies which provide free and paid services according to strict adherence to codes of conduct and legal obligations. Certain services provided by us may require additional payments as laid out on the website and are subject to change depending upon the time and appreciation values of such and such service. The charges shall be strictly laid out and not hidden at the time of any monetary exchange which means that you also accept such and such charges for the service we provide. Do note that every payment for our services shall be on the basis of a 100% advance and we are not obligated to refund you in case of termination on your part, our part, or any third party agency acting on behalf of either. You also accept that you shall abide by those charges and not claim discounts or mischarging of any service so long as it is on our website and clearly stated for your benefit, or for that matter, for any other person’s perusal. Any failure in transactions owing to link failures, bank rejections, computer failures or other such technical issues is not our legal responsibility and shall be dealt with as seen fit by the company. Please note that we maintain confidentiality and discretion in all our payment policies and our decision on such payments shall be full, final and complete. By using our website, you agree to the above and are not reluctant to comply with the terms. In terms of payments that are scheduled for refunds, please note that we try to process them within a week but it may take longer. We provide no guarantees of the kind of timelines that it will take to conduct a full refund in cases where it is granted. We reserve the right to exercise our discretion when it comes to every transaction within our legal domain. We claim no authority in transactions with third party operatives and deny any form of liability in such cases. We guarantee 100% confidentiality in terms of credit card transactions and make sure that no information is available to anyone working for or with us beyond the duration of the said transaction process. However, we are not liable for any risk incurred through the use of the same and for information on transactions leading to misleading circumstances, issues of privacy.


CommonBazaar does not claim responsibility for any of the listings posted on the website, because most of them are posted by thousands of different users, as per their own judgement. Users agree to not hold CommonBazaar (any of its employees, officers, board members, executives, and agents) responsible for misuse, illegal content, or misrepresented content on the website.

Updates to Terms of Use

CommonBazaar will continue to update its terms of use policy, and the users agree to visiting the terms periodically to be aware of the changes made, if any.